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All Warzone Pacific game modes: Vanguard Royale, Rebirth, and more

Here are all of the new game modes coming with Warzone Pacific’s new Caldera map, including Vanguard Royale and more.

When Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone merge in December, the Caldera Pacific map will be added to Warzone, so here are all of the new game modes that will be included with the new battle royale experience.

The Pacific map for Warzone has been released. Caldera, which is reported to be "based on community feedback," will release Season 1 on December 2 for Vanguard owners and December 3 for everyone else. Warzone Pacific has preserved several fan-favorite modes while adding some intriguing new ones to go along with all of the new weaponry and operators. Here's a list of all the new modes that will be available on the Caldera map in Warzone Pacific.

  • Caldera Battle Royale

  • Caldera Plunder

  • Vanguard Royale

  • Vanguard Plunder

  • Rebirth Island

Warzone Caldera Battle Royale

The integration of Vanguard introduces Modern Warfare and Cold War weaponry and vehicles to the Pacific, and they're all in the Caldera Battle Royale playlist.

This is the standard mode in Warzone, where you can employ over 150 weapons from all three games. It also includes ATVs, SUVs, Berthas, and Helicopters, among other vehicles. So all of the Battle Pass skins you've bought and earned won't go to waste.

Warzone Caldera Plunder

Vanguard Season 1 brings back regular plunder, but this time on the new Caldera map.

Warzone fans love this mode for leveling up weapons and warming up for Battle Royale and weren’t very happy when it was removed from playlists in Season 6.

Plunder, including Warzone's massive inventory of weapons and vehicles, will remain following the integration.

Warzone Vanguard Royale

Taking place on Caldera, Vanguard Royale turns Warzone into an authentic WW2 experience, including only Vanguard’s weapons and dogfighting.

Vanguard’s integration brings around 40 WW2 weapons to Warzone, and devs have included the Vanguard Royale playlist to allow players to try them all out in their own mode.

It likewise incorporates Dogfighting, where players can bounce in military aircraft to fight it out in the skies. The devs said that to consider it like an "Accuracy Airstrike where you are in the cockpit, prepared to pour down discharge on a crew or shield yours from an adversary pilot." Players on the ground can likewise bounce in AA weapons to safeguard themselves.

Warzone Vanguard Plunder

Similar to the Vanguard Royale mode, Vanguard Plunder gives the fan-favorite mode a WW2 twist.

The mode will probably be practically the same, however, you'll simply have the option to utilize Vanguard weapons and vehicles. In case you're a Warzone-just player, this will be the best mode to step up the new firearms as a whole.

Vanguard Plunder will arrive later in Season 1.

Warzone Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island is here to stay! Many prefer Rebirth’s smaller, faster-paced battle royale map, and players were concerned that it would also disappear alongside Verdansk.

But there’s no need to worry, the devs confirmed that it will still be there on November 2 to “continue supplementing the main Warzone map.” And with Vanguard owners getting early access to Caldera, Rebirth will be there so free-to-play players aren’t left out.

There’s no word on if it’ll be changed given the WW2 setting, but we’ll let you know if we learn more.

And those are all of the new Warzone modes confirmed for Season 1! Expect Sledgehammer and Raven Software to continue to keep cooking up new experiences as the year goes on.

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