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Halo Infinite received a high score review, confirming the best FPS game of 2021?

Halo Infinite is truly an excellent FPS game that was released this year.

Although we need to wait until December 8 to play the campaign version of Halo Infinite, reviews about this game have flooded the online gaming space. And not to disappoint fans, Halo Infinite really shows the excellent quality gameplay and deserves the title of the best FPS game this 2021.

In the storyline, the main character Master Chief will return to finish his most challenging adventure: to save humanity. The gameplay now focuses more on humanity, where Master Chief plays a more central role than in previous versions.

The story revolves around the Halo ring which was mysteriously damaged and also introduces the design of Master Chief's MJOLNIR armor. The Banished, a group of violent mercenaries that broke away from their previous group and befriended aliens, is believed to be the greatest threat to mankind.

The depth of the story is relatively simple, as he unwinds the mystery of what happened during his absence, but the narrative is tinged by vaguely mystical overtones about the absent Cortana and the long-forgotten secrets of the Halo. While some questions get answers, Infinite results in a combination of head-scratching perplexities, and even your hardcore Halo enthusiasts may reach the conclusion with a resounding “huh?”

Halo Infinite’s production values are through the roof, with breathtaking outdoor vistas and imposing cathedral-like interiors. The score is impeccably paced, emotionally powerful, and perfectly poised between familiar motifs and surprises. Likewise, the voice actors turn in powerful performances that elevate these sci-fi figures and communicate humanity and loss. In action, everything moves and crackles with tension and excitement, from weapon flashes to vehicle explosions.

Let’s see how gaming magazines review about Halo Infinite:

Unfortunately, Halo Infinite was released in November and December. which resulted in it missing the The Games Awards 2021. If it was released earlier, Halo Infinite definitely would've been nominated for several important awards.

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