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Announcing our investment in Creaticles and Token Distribution

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

November 19, 2021 Dear Dawn Community Members, Over the last two quarters, we’ve been focusing on a lot of updates; our team has also added some additional benefits that we are bringing to Dawn Token Holders within our ecosystem where we’ve collaborated with Creaticles.

We at DAWN led the project and invested heavily due to the expansion in the NFT market. Creaticles is the first decentralized application where anyone can request custom NFTs from the NFT art community. Post a request and receive all the relevant and inspirational NFTs from the best talent in the ecosystem. Creaticles is currently live on testnet and offers an incentivized airdrop for early participants. Creaticles recently completed its seed round funding and was also a part of the CoinList Seed cohort for Fall 2021.

One of the significant impacts of this collaboration is working with the Creaticles team to enable a gaming marketplace for game-related NFT requests. Whether you are a decentralized play-to-earn game(er) that wants the community’s help to create NFT within your own “gameverse” or an influencer that wants to engage your community through offering NFTs -- this will be your perfect platform. We will also announce a special event in the coming weeks to celebrate the launch of Creaticle’s mainnet platform. There will also be an airdrop claim event for Dawn token holders of Creaticles Tokens. Please stay tuned and follow our Twitter and telegram for further updates.

About Creaticles

Creaticles designed to be as simple as possible for both requesters and artists. In order to interact as either party, one should be familiar and comfortable with making transactions on the blockchain; after all, NFTs are generated on and secured by the blockchain.

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About Dawn Protocol

Dawn is a blockchain protocol that empowers blockchain gaming use cases through competitive gaming products as well as Dawn will employ its own ERC777 based protocol to the exact specifications required to best execute its mission of a global esports platform. The new platform architecture will enable existing Dawn token holders to upgrade, stake, govern, and in return, ultimately claim a proportional amount of network fees generated by the ecosystem.

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