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Blockchain games will create a break-through in the game industry

The application of blockchain technology has developed non-stop in recent years and this technology not only adapts successfully to digital currency but also in other areas such as finance, logistics, and especially in the gaming industry. Why? because blockchain technology will restructure the way games are created, managed, and played for both game creators and game players.

How is it possible?

In fact, most online games are designed and managed based on a centralized model. That means that the game creators or gaming companies have full control over every data stored on the server. Data, in this gaming context, consists of account info and the server that stores all the in-game assets the players such as virtual money, items, collectibles, etc… It could be seen that players don’t have any power and full ownership of collectible items and account information in the game. It is one of the crucial issues that blockchain technology can solve and create a revolution in this industry.

Basically, a blockchain is defined as a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of digital data. It cannot be changed or moved. In this way, an intact history of everything that has happened on the network regarding the data is kept.

A typical example of applying blockchain in gaming

The system is decentralized, which means that there is no central authority owning and controlling the game and the players have access to their own parts of the game like tokenized assets and digital collectibles that helps them buy, sell and transfer them whenever they want. In other words, applying blockchain technology in the game industry will create a player-driven economy where players can trade with each other without being managed by a centralized system.

Dawn is the world's blockchain integrated eSports competition protocol built with the mission to bring a rewarding journey to every gamer in the world. It allows individuals to get rewarded for playing in 1v1 and team vs team matches for popular online games, such as Warzone, Dota 2, Pubg, and many more.

Today, the Dawn token can be staked for FirstBlood ® Plus, our premium subscription service. FirstBlood ® Plus members earn double the rewards in events and tournaments, get access to the early event and tournament registration, and will have access to premium support services. Additionally, Dawn can also be used to purchase entry tickets and credits on the platform. FirstBlood ® Platform has amassed almost 180,000 monthly active players with over 2,500,00 total matches played and over $500,000 total winnings earned. Since that time, the team has enabled a newly developed blockchain, Dawn, to bring additional functionality and features to the FirstBlood ® platform.

Blockchain’s adoption in gaming will go beyond what traditional gaming is doing now. Game players can now have full access and ownership of teir digital assets that will not be eliminated by game owners and they can keep their assets for life and trade them with other players at marketplaces. The next level in the gaming industry is promising from this point.

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