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Dawn Governance Proposal: Vote on Dawn Token Swap Closure

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Vote on the closure of the Dawn Token Swap

Last year, we announced our token swap. Today we are happy to announce that according to Etherscan, we have migrated 71.99% of the network! We could not have accomplished this without the help of our community and partners. As the last step of the network migration process, we want to invite the community to participate in deciding the final date.

The community will decide when we close the token swap window, and we think the following options work best: 1. Three (3) Months from the 14th of April

2. Six (6) Months from the 14th of April

3. Nine (9) Months from the 14th of April

4. Twelve (12) Months from the 14th of April

You can find more information in our governance portal here and you can find more information on how Governance Voting works here

The first 100 voters are going to receive an airdrop of 150 tokens, and the following 100 voters will receive 100 tokens, so there’s even more reason to vote.

If you do not have any Dawn tokens yet, you can purchase them. After your purchase, remember to withdraw your tokens to MetaMask.

As always, a reminder that if you are still holding 1ST Tokens, you need to swap them before you can use them!


Have more questions? Be sure to reach out to us! We'd love to hear from you on Telegram. Join the community today.

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