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Dawn AMA with ZB Exchange

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

The fourteenth ZB APP hot chat AMA

Dawn serves as a functional connector to ensure the sustainable development of the project

The fifteenth “ Hot Chat AMA” launched by opened at 20:00 on July 21th. In this AMA, ZB has invited CEO of Dawn Joe and CTO Mikko to have an in-depth exchange with our host Journey, ZB VIP customer director and the community users, to share the current development and the future plans of Dawn.

It is known that Hot Chat AMA is an online live knowledge sharing program jointly launched by, Mars Finance and Jinse Finance. angels, including media, institutions, project parties, analysts, KOL and other crypto circle influenzers, are invited to share knowledge.

In the future, we will continue to cooperate with more international well-known organizations and medias to hold AMA to help you learn more about the industry and field trends. Please stay tuned.

The theme of this AMA is: Dawn serves as a functional connector to ensure the sustainable development of the project.

VIP customer director: Journey


Here are some of the highlights:

Q1: For some of our users who don’t know Dawn, could you give a brief intro of it?

A1:Dawn started as FirstBlood 1ST token that was created back in 2016,being the third notable token sale on Ethereum.Today,the upgraded Dawn token can be used on FirstBlood Esports platform .The decentralized Esports experience allows global players to participate in more secure and transparent games.Using smart contract to solve the problem of bounty distribution.It not onlybenefits the player,but also enhances the player’s autonomy and gives them an unprecedented sense of participation.

Q2: What are some big games Dawn/FirstBlood are supporting next?

A2: Games like Freefire, 350 million registered users and 100 million MAU; League of Legends, TFT (which we already have API keys approved), Fortnite, CSGO are on the list as well. Chess + Chinese Chess. We are looking to add 6 different games to the platform by the end of this year.

Q3: Currently Dawn serves as a membership token on the platform, do you plan on adding more utilities for Dawn?

A3: Immediately on the roadmap, we are looking to add wagering capabilities to Dawn as well as stable token. We are looking to partner up with stable coin projects to achieve this. Additionally, we are looking to launch our in-platform proposal/governance portal as well where stakers get to influence the project’s roadmap.

Q4:How many users does the project have? What’s your Monthly Active Users base #?

A4: We have over 300,000 registered users presently between our products. Our latest MAU is 67,350.

Q5: How many team members and developers does the project have?

A5: We are a team of 34 people full time and we currently have 15 developers working on the project.

Q6: What kind partnerships does the project currently have and looking to build into the future?

A6: We presently have a few kinds of partnerships which are mostly product/user growth driven. For instance, we partner up as a developer with publishers to bring more games to the platform; we also partner up with influencers and esports teams to build brand awareness, most recently, our partnered TO, LPG has streamed on Huya (Chinese gaming streaming site) and it netted over few thousand concurrent viewers.

As we ramp up more games to the platform we will land more partnerships like that. Additionally, in the next 2 quarters, we are looking to partner up with like-minded companies in the crypto space to bring synergies between Dawn and other projects.

Q7: Does the project have any Plans to support games that are not traditional esports but have huge userbases?

A7: Yes, we are looking to add games like Chess or Chinese Chess at some point. We think these games are definitely games of skill and have a huge amount of popularity. Allowing players to wager with crypto would be a perfect fit.

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