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Vote For The First $5,000 Dawn Tournament

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Voting for Dawn token holders is now live. The first proposal is one of many to come. To celebrate the successful token swap Dawn holds its first Dawn tournament in 2021. You, as a Dawn token holder, can decide in what game this cup is going to be played.


The first DAWN tournament will be hosted on the FirstBlood Esports platform. The total prize pool will be $5,000 worth of Dawn token.

You need to choose which game you want the tournament to be held:

  1. PUGB

  2. DOTA2

  3. PUB2

How to Vote

To vote

  • You need to withdraw your tokens from a cryptocurrency exchange to an Ethereum wallet that supports DeFi, like MetaMask

  • You need to have tokens in your wallet before 24h of December

  • Voting window is between 25th December and 31st December

  • Voting itself is not going to cost anything

Dawn team is going to airdrop tokens to some of the first voters as the reward for participating in early community governance efforts.

How to get Dawn tokens

If you do not have any Dawn tokens yet, you can purchase them. After your purchase, remember to withdraw your tokens to MetaMask.

Remember to swap your 1ST tokens If you are holding old 1ST tokens you need to swap them to Dawn tokens before you can use them.

Community ambassador wanted

We are also looking for enthusiastic gamers, who are familiar with blockchains and cryptocurrencies, to join our community team.

You can apply by joining our telegram chat:

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