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Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 just released an announcement for the Spring event, and what better way to heat up the atmosphere than by participating in Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer. Welcome your teammate gunslingers to jump into the action with the very first fourteen-day long Free Access period including [selected] new and famous Vanguard Multiplayer maps and modes.

The Free Access period is for two weeks, starting on March 30 till April 13, Here is what is featured in Vanguard:

New Maps: Casablanca, Gondola

Casablanca: A sparkling gem of Morocco, Casablanca is a medium-sized, three-path style map inside a glamoring marketplace. With a few structures to investigate and move upon, anticipate an assortment of vertical engagements that welcome both close-and long-range strategies.

Gondola: Do not look down on this medium-sized, three-path style map. Enjoy an opening tour on Gondola to experience an enormous ravine and fire lookout, but remember to get off before the tour reaches the cliff! Operators can likewise exploit the long sightline that the Gondola route provides, or head through the power plant and caverns for all the “close-quarters” fight.

New Mode: Capture and Secure Bases in the Alps

Drop in and battle in another enormous map objective mode set in the Alps introducing new vehicles and one significant objective: capture every one of the bases to win.

When a base is caught, Operators can decide to respawn at that base or at some other capture points feature on the map, as well as spawn in on their crew. Bases naturally set up doors for the protection of the defending group inside, permitting safe entry for allies and automatically shutdown when enemies are close by.

Each cordial base contains a few Purchase Stations for extra deadly armaments and capacities, including vehicles to assist you with crossing the map faster. Here, you can utilize Money earned by capturing objectives or getting it from enemy players to buy weapons, gear, Killstreaks, and Field Upgrades, or you could actually utilize your Custom Loadouts.

Brace yourself for the Chaos: Shipment, Das Haus, and More

Notwithstanding the most recent maps and modes, Free Access players can likewise hop into an assorted Multiplayer Playlist including Vanguard's most famous maps, like Shipment, a Call of Duty® classic map, and Das Haus, a small map that favors a lot of activity in the territory. With the expectation of Free Access players who wants some adrenaline to be part of the battles across the entire match, this is an ideal Playlist for you. Vanguard additionally incorporates different maps well known to the community like Hotel Royale, Dome, and Radar, which can be played on modes like Domination, Control, and Hardpoint.

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