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Top 5 Best Valorant Agents For Beginners

Valorant is an online video game delivered mid of 2020 by GamePlay and does not show any sign of slowing down with a player count of 700,000 to 1,4000,000 players on a daily basis. Therefore, there is always an assurance of new players coming in. With that, a new learning curve is always expected. Be that as it may, some Valorant agents can be mastered a lot quicker. They are not as hard as more advanced characters.

Assuming you are new to the game, finding the right agent is fundamental. You believe something not excessively complex should assist you with more deeply studying the game.

We will have a look at the top 5 Valorant agents you can start to learn immediately. Before you start, make sure you have a good gaming mouse. Trust me.

Reyna (Duelist)

Flash, devour, and repeat. Those three simple steps are the basics of this female agent. Reyna arguably has the most basic ability kit of any agent. What’s more, it is impeccably intended for new players that get themselves into predicaments.

Reyna’s flash (Leer), may get more criticism compared to different blinds since it is breakable. Using this right will force players to withdraw, focus firepower on the eye, or try to win a duel with a dual blind, which is not the case for newbies.

Her devour charges are ideally suited for new players, allowing players to pick either healing themself or escaping after a winning fight. This is super helpful for players who are still learning to push or to peek, providing them with a chance to recover when adrenaline is pumping.

Reyna’s ultimate is also suitable for players to build confidence, as it compensates the players for each kill. One thing to be noted is that Reyna is not the most visible agent from a team’s perspective, but she is perfect for a starting player.

Omen (Controller)

The next most-pick choice for beginners is Omen, as it is one of the most basic Valorant agents out there. Omen is a valuable agent for any group on basically any map, he is seemingly the least of the controller agents to use.

For a controller agent utilizing smokes, his smokes are deployed with precision and even have an arrow that helps with placing those smokes at different heights for one-ways. Alongside his smokes, which recharge over time, he also possesses a short-distance teleport (Shadow Walk) and a blind (Paranoia).

Omen’s ability kit is ideal for beginners as it gives them some escapability contrasted with different controllers. His Paranoia leaves rivals astigmatic for a really heavy span, letting Omen players get a couple of moments of benefit to get a kill or two or withdraw. The equivalent can be said for his teleport, allowing you to trade concealing spots for something better. His ultimate teleport should assist you with amazing adversaries. Furthermore, regardless of whether you teleport among a gathering of adversaries, you counteract securely.

Phoenix (Duelist)

Phoenix, the ultimate flagger, comes with a very handy capacity kit that sets out opportunities for players in case of flanks and rotations. It also comes with healing abilities. You can say that this agent is fully equipped to help improve your gaming experience. You will dominate and be prepared to play in a brief time frame. It's an incredible agent when you need to “dazzle” the rival or recharge after some insane activity.

The Curveball flash on Phoenix is super basic. Unlike Reyna's, it is indestructible and hard to dodge. His next skill is the Blaze wall which permits them to change angles as they push ahead. Another skill is the Hot Hands. It offers numerous purposes. You can utilize it to choke off entry points, pursue concealing rivals, or for regenerating.

These are the tools each beginner necessities to have. The capacity to close some of the angles that leave you vulnerable is crucial. Figure out how to utilize Hot Hands and Blaze wall. These are mind-blowing abilities that will keep you out of harm's way.

Sage (Sentinel)

Sage’s ability is superb for getting some breath and staying away from a rush. She is one of the most helpful agents for the entire team.

Sage uses a Boundary wall and Slow Orbs to pause and prevent rushing the opponent. This can give players time to withdraw into safe zones. This allows your teammates to rotate without any problem. Her ability comes with a Heal, which is exceptionally helpful in the event that you play all the more passively before friendly forces. Also, be mindful so as not to get tunnel vision during the healing time. This can expose you to the enemy.

Sage has a few cool deceives that you can learn over time. For instance, she can jump over the rising wall to have a quick peek, noting the enemy’s position. Or you can rotate and stick it in a small corridor just to annoy your rival.

KAY/O (Initiator)

I would suggest beginners put some work into unlocking KAY/O as soon as possible. His suppression blade is perfect for uncovering enemies and compelling them to either push without ability or delay. Like different agents with flash, KAY/O's can be utilized to set out opportunities for himself, and his explosive can be utilized to drive enemies out of corners, grand him the small split second to open fire first.

I seriously love ultimates that don't need a lot of consideration devoted to them, as KAY/O's that pulses a suppression aura as he moves. Considering that he's moderately new, there are probably going to be different players trying different things with KAY/O too, so have a good time.

Because of his enduring flash and intel-gathering blade, the champ is a reasonable pick across all positions. New players can productively workaround Kay/O's throwable capacities that don't need a great deal of mean to make due. The agent's ultimate gives him another opportunity at overcoming the enemy as his teammates can stabilize his core.

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Dec 25, 2022

Hello. Your videos that you attached to your article turned out to be very dynamic and without loss of quality. Please tell me, did you use any recorder from this site? Or maybe you have your own version? I'm a novice blogger on this game and would like to know what's best to use to record videos like this.

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