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'Rainbow Six Siege' Basics

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the greatest competitive first-person shooters you can play. There is an explanation for that: Currently, it is the most tactical shooter on the market. Rather than a game of rushing, reckless, or bullets rain, Rainbow Six Siege requires patience, with the need to shoot and execute at the right time. This makes the game a bit of culture shock for newbies. In this article, I will cover some tips to effectively increase your kill count. If you’ve been playing for some time, most of these tips will seem like second nature, but if you’re still adapting to Siege from other competitive shooters, then you will have a lot to learn, and this is just the beginning of your excursion.

  • Patience is key

Listen. Nearly everything makes a sound in Siege, so playing with headphones and listening to the sounds of the game can be keys to victory. It's even a good idea to turn off background music in settings so you can focus on listening. This requires some practice and a bit of focus.

Go slow. Making as little noise as possible is as important as listening to the movement of the enemies. Rushing may get you down a hallway quicker, but it also alerts everyone of your movement, making you a target. Walking or crouching makes less noise and allows you to examine adjacent sectors easier.

Communication. You need to communicate with your team however you can. Pings and voice chat are very helpful in certain situations. Tying is good too but rarely be done in the heat of combat. To up your kill counts and set yourself for higher placements, effective communication with teammates is imperative.

Take things slowly, community with your squad and stay close to each other, therefore, you can back them up and vice versa.

  • Use the operator you need

There are 60 operators in the game. In order to get better with the game, you need to learn a lot of them. Like in many team-based games, different Operators take on different roles, and your team is likely to pick their favorite Operator, not to Operator the formation needs. You have to adapt to playing with Operators you don’t frequently play as. In the event of a situation that arises like this and you can fill the spot your team desperately needs.

For example, you can learn to use the Breaching Charges. The breaching charges available for some operators are for walls, not barricaded doors or windows that can be smashed with the butt of a rifle or shot out. Breaching charges can also be used as a distraction by placing them on a wall, then moving to a different spot before blasting it. This gives the enemies the element of surprise and confuses them with the diversion and strike when they are panicking.

  • Drone is there for a purpose!

Blindly rushing or going through a window is another “dumb way to die”. You should develop a habit of using a drone to check out entry rooms before first entering a structure. Drones are also great at the end of the match to scout out the objective and enemy’s spot.

Drones should be utilized every round — as an attacker, sneak your drone into the building through vents, and then hide it somewhere that is difficult to spot by rivals like in plants or under a small table. Whenever you need to find enemies mid-match, you can use sacrifice your drone and ping enemies for your team.

And don't waste your first drone. It might be fun to taunt defenders after finding the objective, yet it is more useful to find a hiding spot and position the drone to have a decent perspective on the room or nearby sectors. This will benefit teammates later in-game.

  • Position and prepare

Position. There are 20 maps in the game and position changes twenty different times. But basically, you need to ensure you can keep an eye on all entrances to the room you’re approaching, watch you six, there are probably enemies coming up from behind you, and make sure you still have an escape route planned. Once you fire bullets, even if you take down the enemy, it’ll just alarm their team. If you’re on an upper level of an open-plan building, jumping from balconies is a good way to quickly rotate and escape from a tight situation, or even charge through a wall with your hammer. Generally, you just need to make sure you have an eye on your lines of sight and escape routes.

Be ready to shoot. In Siege, simply pulling the trigger won’t fire immediately. It should be obvious, but while aiming down sight your bullets will be ready to go at any moment. What you might not know is that while running you will actually not be able to shoot at all until you ADS — it’s quite a significant delay. As a nice middle ground, simply walking instead of running will allow you to hipfire immediately, but the spread will be very high until you ADS completely. These animations take mere seconds, but mere seconds are all it takes to make an error.

  • Always keep your head

Practice and practice are the best things for Rank Play because it prepares you for dump stuff. The greatest mental fortitude is to not be angry - simply trying to be calm. Indeed, you will lose a round, or even get crushed five rounds in a row - if you can keep your solid-state of mind, you might come back. And when you do, the feeling is absolutely thrill.

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