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Updated: May 16, 2022

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves just dropped on May 3rd. 2022. This season features new content, updates, and, a roadmap. During season 1, players were not particularly impressed with the way the game was mapped out. Here is everything we know about the Season 2 update (so far).

This article is divided into two parts. Part 1 will cover the new Battle Pass, Events, and Game modes.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass & content

The Halo Infinite battle pass is loaded with brand-new cosmetics and XP buffs, presenting a new 100-tier Battle Pass with up to 180 rewards both free and premium cosmetics to earn and unlock free tiers that include rewards like RAKSHASA armor core (tier 20).

Alongside the new Battle Pass, Season 2 will feature a cinematic experience for the Halo Infinite franchise. Players can watch an all-new story experience when first accessing the game menu.

Just like the Season 1 battle pass, the battle pass for Halo Infinite Season 2 won't expire. So you don't need to stress over unlocking everything before the season closes. And if you didn't unlock everything in Season 1, you can decide which battle pass you want to focus on unlocking first.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Events

Lone Wolves Narrative Events - Interference & Alpha Pack

Season 2 will include two separate Lone Wolves events. These account occasions will each be the most recent fourteen days and feature different 10-item Event Passes.

  • Interference: May 3 - May 15, 2022.

  • Alpha Pack: July 19 - August 1, 2022.

To earn items in Event Pass, players must finish Event Challenges while the event is still active. Event Challenges can be distinguished by the orange banner icon visible by the Challenge’s name. These challenges will frequently expect players to finish matches or do certain actions in the playlist. Event Challenges can't be finished in Custom Games or non-Event playlists.

There are 10 challenges in the Interference Event, with each challenge granting one level on the free prize track. These moves should be finished in Spartan Standing, Halo Infinite's new free-for-all mode that functions. 12 Spartans fight it out on a shrinking map, earning new weapons, with the lone survivor winning. These difficulties are given out randomly alongside ordinary XP challenges, so you might have to finish a couple of non-event challenges to see them all.

While 343 Enterprises has not uncovered much about The Alpha Pack (yet), a few tremendous holes have revealed a lot of data about it. This includes the delivery date as well as every one of the 10 awards in the event pass!

Fracture: Entrenched

Some major source of the new layer of armor customizations will be the upcoming Fracture event with the Iron Eagle Amore Core. While not much has been revealed about it, a break has uncovered some of the helmets and shoulder pieces as of now!

Season 1’s Fracture: Tenrai event brought plenty of samurai-themed cosmetics to the game, and the devs teased a similar event for Season 2.

Season 2's Fracture event will provide players with weeks-long chances to finish Event Challenges in the new Land Grab mode and acquire up to 30 free customization items. Players can expect the first week of Fracture: Entrenched on May 24 - 30, 2022. Like the Lone Wolves event, items can only be earned by completing Event Challenges while the event is still active.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Multiplayer Game Modes

King of the Hill (KOTH)

This mode will act in a genuinely conventional manner. KOTH will see a neutral capture point appear somewhere on the map, capture the point and the capture group will receive one point on the scoreboard, and another capture point will show up elsewhere on the map.

Land Grab

There are three separate impartial zones spread around the map toward the start of a match. Assuming a group capture a zone, it becomes locked and the group procures a point. When all focuses are caught, regardless of whether by a mix of the two groups, there is a short interlude where three new focuses are then distinguished on the map. The game will then at last end when one group arrives at 11 places.

Last Spartan Standing

The last, and noticeably the most exciting mode, the mode will see 12 players spawn in an expansive Big Team Battle Map, each with load-outs and five accessible respawns available to them. Players should act strategically, being eliminated from the match would be a good idea for them to utilize all of their 5 accessible respawns. Having said that, players can also upgrade their weapons after getting a kill, boosting hostile play along with being guarded. With the map’s survivors gradually trimming down as the game advances, the round will ultimately end once there is just a single player left standing.

…Stay tuned for Part 2…

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