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Dawn April 2021 Newsletter

Greetings Dawn Community. 2021 is shaping up nicely, and we’d love to recap what we’ve been working on this year and take a quick look moving forward. With a large influx of new users, let's take a moment to welcome those of you who are new here! We encourage you to join and follow all of our social channels. Join the conversation! With that, here’s what we’ve been working on.

Partnered with Polygon (Formerly Matic) to bring $10,000 Tournament

We are thrilled to share that we have partnered with the notorious Polygon Technology to bring the Dawn community a brand new competitive Call of Duty tournament on the FirstBlood Platform to the tune of $10,000, and intends to open the door to possibilities for low-cost transactions and swaps for Dawn and 1ST.

Test your skills against other players and have a chance to take home some generous prizes. The tournament is available to PC, Playstation, and XBox players worldwide, so be sure to sign up today! As a result of this new relationship, challengers will soon be able to participate in tournaments and events and earn NFTs directly on the FirstBlood Platform. Stay tuned as more details develop concerning future integrations.

To learn more about this partnership, and the $10,000 tournament, visit our blog.

Governance, Governance, Governance

Having been in the crypto-space from very early on, our team understands the value in democracy within decentralized projects. As token holders, we believe that you should have a voice. That’s why we have, and will continue to do so, created proposals in order to offer the community a platform to make important decisions for the project moving forward. If you have not already, please visit (and vote on) our governance page when we have active proposals. Your voice matters.

The End of the 1ST Token Swap

Most recently, the community voted on the final date to swap our FirstBlood tokens (1ST) for Dawn. Ultimately, the community decided that the close of the token swap would occur three months from April 14th. The vote was near unanimous and conclusive. Congratulations!

Many of you asked why the minimum time to leave the swap open was three months away. Our intention was to ensure that the community had equal and fair opportunity to get their applications processed and sufficient time to be made aware of the event.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and we look forward to your continued participation in important matters relating to 1ST and Dawn.


We have had quite the busy year for exchanges. Our team is dedicated to providing the community with a wide array of options to be able to buy and sell their Dawn. Notable new listings include:

For a full list of exchanges, visit our website here.

Closing Thoughts

As always, we’d like to thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to catch up with us. We are full steam ahead with a variety of new updates coming for you this quarter. Keep your eyes on our channels as we have new partnerships, new games, NFTs, and additional features coming in the very near future. As always, stay safe Dawners!


Follow us and join the conversation!

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