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Dawn Community Update - July Newsletter

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Greetings Dawners,

It’s time for another update from the Dawn team! It’s been an eventful year so far, so we’re excited to recap what we’ve accomplished since the last update. Over the course of the last few months, the world continues to struggle from the impacts of the COVID-19 virus. We hope that you and your families are safe and well, and that you can find a little time to “kick back” and enjoy FirstBlood products in your free time. And speaking of FirstBlood products, we’ve recently launched something new!

Call of Duty: Warzone is Now Live!

Yes, that’s right. Warzone is now live on FirstBlood. With over 60 million players a month, the Call Of Duty franchise has made arguably one of the most popular games to play right now. We are thrilled to be tapping into a huge player base, where FirstBlood users can compete and play to earn rewards for decimating their opponents.

Users, with a FirstBlood Account, can now link their Playstation, Xbox,, or Activision id to begin playing. Once your account is linked, players can take part in Missions and ladders. All you have to do is register for your event and play in the correct game mode.

Warzone Supported Game Modes PC – Solo, Duo, Trios, Quads Console – Solo, Duo, Trios, Quads

Ladders Players can take part in numerous ladders every single day, week, and month! Each game mode we support, will have a corresponding ladder. For example, every day users can take part in 4 ladders. One for solo, one for duo, one for Trios, and one for quads. The same goes for Weekly and Monthly.

Also, we are still giving away two weeks of free FirstBlood Plus memberships. All you have to do is begin your trial to take advantage of our premier subscription service and earn those generous rewards!

To get started, visit the FirstBlood Platform at

Dawn Progress - Token Swaps & More!

As you most of you know by now, we have successfully launched Dawn onto the Ethereum network. As an ERC-777 token, Dawn offers the FirstBlood platform a variety of additional features that expand the capabilities of the network. So far, the response has been great, with nearly 65% of the network switched over from 1ST to Dawn. We’d like to thank you all for the support thus far. Great work!

Dawn is now listed on CoinMarketCap and Etherscan! You can find Dawn token information on both websites by visiting the links below. We are also working on getting listed on other popular token information websites, which will we share with you in the near future.

Exchange Listings

You asked, and we delivered. Dawn is now officially trading live on several popular exchanges. Feel free to swap your 1ST for Dawn, or buy and sell Dawn directly on any of our approved exchanges.

Speaking of exchanges, ZB is hosting an AMA from their app. Dawn CEO, Joe Zhou, and Dawn CTO, Mikko Ohtamaa, will be taking your questions. The AMA will be held in Chinese, so if you are interested in joining the AMA, head over to their website and download their app. Simply search for "Dawn" and click "Chat in the right-hand corner of the screen to join. Get started at

Begins July 21st at 8 AM EST (20:00 GMT +8), 2020.


We are working on yet another eventful quarter, as we have new features, games, and news to share with you coming over the next few months. You can expect regular updates like this, so please keep an eye on our public channels.

Join the conversation! Visit us on Telegram at

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