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Dawn Launch Campaign - Digifinex Trading Competition

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Dawn Launch Celebration on Digifinex

Now that we're listed on Digifinex, it's time to kick things off right. We're giving away 50,000 Dawn for Digifinex users, so be sure to read through the contest rules below so you can score some generous rewards!

Specific rules are as follows:

1. Rewards for new users

Users who registered during this event can get 20 Dawn as a bonus. Total rewards are capped at 3,000 Dawn. Rewards are distributed on a first come, first served basis, provided you meet the following criteria:

  • Trading volume of DAWN ≥ 100 USDT

  • Net deposits of DAWN (deposit amount - withdrawal amount) ≥ 500 DAWN

2. Trading competition

Additionally, users can trade DAWN with Coin919 grid trading software and earn big rewards for trading.

The trading competition begins September 22nd, 2020 at 19:00 GMT +8, and will end on October 1st, 2020 at 19:00 GMT +8. Users whose trading volume is greater than 1,000 USDT and ranks among the top 20 will be rewarded as below:

1st Place - 10,000 Dawn

2nd Place - 7,000 Dawn

3rd Place - 5,000 Dawn

4th-10th - Shared pool of 10,000 Dawn

11th-20th - Shared pool of 8,000 Dawn

Additionally, users who use Coin919 grid trading software to trade DAWN and whose trading volume reaches 1,000 USDT, but fail to rank among the top 20 can share 5,000 DAWN.

3. Consolation rewards

The first 100 users who sign for this event and trade DAWN with Coin919 grid trading software can get 20 DAWN if your trading volume reaches 100 USDT.

4. Official invitation

Users who register on the Coin919 platform during this event will get 200,000 Coin919 points. Note: Users must sign up using Digifinex's invitation link to qualify.

Digifinex Trading Competition Tutorial

How to use Coin919 grid trading software:

Coin919 has partnered with Digifinex to bring their top 10 exchange users safe trading competitions for the community. Coin919 serves as a digital currency investment and asset management digital asset broker of securities or crypto,, whose mission is to build a bridge between users, exchanges, and companies.

Coin919 has created a step by step tutorial on how to use their software. If you have trouble translating the page, Google Translate has a Chrome & Firefox extension that will do it automatically.

To get started, visit the tutorial here:

How to get started in the competition

  1. Get a DigiFinex account: click here to register (only one account per person) If you already have an account, you can skip to step 2. Otherwise, click the link below. Register your Digifinex Account

  2. Step 2: Submit registration form to participate Click here to fill in from

  3. Step 3: Register in Coin919 with DigiFinex invitation link: Click below to register -

  4. Step 4: Download and configure DigiFinex quant trading software Refer back to the tutorial l;l;;llllllllllll;ll

  5. Step 5: Create your strategy and start grid trading after this events starts

About Coin919:

Coin919, founded in June 2017 and registered in Seychelles, is a digital assets and quantitative trading management company. Coin919 aims to serve digital asset investors, and is committed to building a first-class platform for digital asset management. Diving into the market of digital currencies and tokens, Coin919 was launched as a digital asset broker of securities or crypto, so as to serve the digital currency investment and asset management, and build a bridge between users, exchanges and project parties.

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