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Dawn May Newsletter

Greetings Dawners! Summer is just around the corner, and things have certainly been heating up around here. As promised, we are working to give you regular updates about all things Dawn, so it’s time for our monthly newsletter. Internally, we have been working on several new initiatives, so as always, we’re encouraging you to keep a close eye on our social channels as we will be launching events in the near future. More on that later.

Polygon $10,000 Call of Duty Tournament Recap

As most of you know by now, we recently partnered with Polygon (formerly Matic). To celebrate the partnership, we launched a major event on the FirstBlood Platform with $10,000 in prizes for our communities. We’re happy to report that the event was an unequivocal success! We’re thrilled with the outcome, and would like to share some details with you about the event.

  • 1,364 registrations

  • 77,298 viewers watched the event

  • 22 million minutes watched on stream

  • $10,000 prizes PAID!

We’d also like to congratulate the winners of this event. You’ve earned it. Everyone give a round of applause for the victorious teams! Additionally, we had our best day in company history, with over 14,000 matches played, it’s safe to say that this event was one for the books. Thank you to everyone who participated, supported us, and of course, to Polygon themselves. We are excited to see what we can #BUIDL together in the future. 🚀

Unswapped Token Proposal

Most recently, we introduced a proposal on our governance platform which ultimately decides what happens to the unswapped Dawn tokens from our 1ST<>Dawn token swap. Currently, we are excited to tell you that approximately 80% of 1ST tokens have been converted into Dawn. The results are in!

With just shy of seven million votes, it has been determined that all unswapped tokens will be burned “to reduce redundant network supply as soon as token swap concludes. We will send the unswapped tokens, on a schedule, to a one-directional address and provide proof to the community.” This is a kind reminder that the token swap will conclude on July 15th, and the burn will occur some time after that.

We will continue to create new proposals in line with our promise to include the community in our decision making process. Remember, voting is free, so we’d like to encourage all of our token holders to participate in these very important proposals!

Free Fire Support Launched

In line with our plans to launch 20 new titles on our platforms, FirstBlood recently officially launched support for Free Fire, the popular mobile battle royale game. We held our first tournament, focusing exclusively on central South America for the time being, with plans to expand in the future. If you are not already following the FirstBlood Twitter account, do so now so you can be informed about upcoming Free Fire events.

$5000 Dawn Tournament

And finally, we are excited to start talking about an upcoming tournament specifically for you, the Dawn Community. We’ll be having our first major tournament held with a Dawn prize pool: with crypto, for the crypto community. If you love to play or watch games, we need your help! Please take a moment to vote for your favorite game on our platform. This vote will determine what game we ultimately choose for this tournament. Vote here.

That’s all we have for this newsletter, but be sure to tune in to our public channels to stay updated on all things Dawn. If you have not already, join the conversations on Telegram and Discord. We’d love to connect with you!

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Aug 29, 2021

No new no player fuk sc^^


Jun 07, 2021

Dear sir, i am the one who owns Dawn. As far as you know, people like me want you to be more active. Because Dawn's value has dropped sharply recently and it has been losing lots of money. We have invested in your values but in the otherhand, your activities do not appear to be constantly updating . i hope you will be more active and updated news will come up often.

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