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Dawn Protocol Staking

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Greetings Dawn Community!

The time has come to share with you some exciting new features coming to our platform. Before we get into that, we want to take a moment during these difficult times to speak to those who have been adversely affected by the health crisis that has shaken this world. Our hope is that this message finds both you and your family well. Our thoughts are with you.

We are continuing to work remotely to build new features on our platform to bring you the best possible eSports gaming platform in the industry. As these new features roll out, we hope that our users will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to unplug and enjoy playing their favorite games on our platform.

FirstBlood Plus

We are launching FirstBlood Plus, our premium subscription service! FirstBlood Plus members earn double the rewards in events and tournaments, get access to early event and tournament registration, and will have access to premium support services.

Our FirstBlood Plus users are notoriously adept gamers who love what they do: to crush the souls of their opponents. By empowering our users with premium features, we expect FirstBlood Plus to significantly drive growth of the eSports platform over the next year. You can expect our platform to continue to improve as we fine-tune based on experience, customer feedback, and the evolution of the gaming space.

Subscription Benefits

With every FirstBlood+ membership, we are inviting you to join the Inner Circle for free. Our elite subscribers will have access to exclusive benefits that include:

  • Larger prize pools

  • Free entries to premium tournaments

  • No advertisements

  • “Members-only” Discord chat and voice channels

  • “Members-only” private events between you and other Inner Circle members

  • Exclusive badges

  • Expedited support requests

FirstBlood Plus is the first in a growing lineup of new features that we are rolling out over the next few months to greatly enhance the user experience for our users and token holders, offering additional utility and functionality to Dawn tokens — including staking!

Staking Enabled!

Starting now, we are thrilled to announce that staking has now been enabled on Dawn. Token holders can now lock up their Dawn and receive complimentary access to FirstBlood Plus for the duration of your tokens being locked up. By creating additional utility for the token, staking reduces token velocity and incentivizes new token holders to hold Dawn long-term.

If you are a Dawn holder, head over to and log in to your account. Simply click “Start Free Trial” to get started.

In the Works

The purpose and goal for the new Dawn tokens is not to create an arbitrary placeholder token on the platform, but rather, an integral part of the FirstBlood ecosystem, as originally outlined in the original whitepaper.

In addition to complimentary access to FirstBlood Plus, we are developing creative new ways to reward the Dawn token holders who are active participants on the platform, whether you are participating in Esports tournaments, governance, or a trusted Dawn Validator. As we progress, we will continue to add new innovative ways to integrate Dawn into the platform.

A few of the features on our upcoming roadmap include:

  • The ability to wager Dawn and other cryptocurrencies in-platform in tournaments and matches.

  • The ability to participate in our governance portal, allowing Dawn token holders to vote on critical decisions concerning future development, new games, and more.

  • A variety of new games.

As you can see, we have an eventful year planned ahead of us, and we hope that you are as excited about the future of Esports gaming as we are. We will release more information on these items as they become available.

Still have questions?

Visit us on Telegram or Discord! We would love to hear from you. Until then, happy staking!

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