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Dawn Tutorials: How to Buy Dawn on Uniswap

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Greetings Dawners! We are back with another tutorial. Since launch, we have worked hard to bring our token holders a variety of liquidity options and exchanges to buy and sell their Dawn tokens. We believe that the more accessible Dawn is, the more traction we can gain. With that, we have launched Dawn on Uniswap so that users can buy, sell, or provide liquidity in a decentralized manner. Uniswap is quickly becoming one of the most popular apps for trading cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain, so we hope you’re as excited about this as we are!

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange consisting of two smart contracts hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, coupled with an open-sourced client available to the public. All liquidity is completely on chain, allowing users to swap ERC tokens, as well as Ethereum to an ERC token, and ERC tokens to Ethereum.

Additionally, users can contribute to liquidity pools for any available token and earn rewards in the form of exchange fees for participating in the process. It is a great option for anyone looking to earn rewards for holding their tokens, and it’s entirely trustless, so you can essentially “stake” your Dawn to the market and earn generous rewards for contributing to the ecosystem. What’s not to love?

To learn more about Uniswap, head over to their documentation page.

Get Started

Getting started is easy! First, you will need to download a compatible wallet. We recommend either using MetaMask or a WalletConnect wallet to store your Dawn and Ethereum. Once you have setup your wallet, please move your Dawn and/or Ethereum to your wallet before you get started.

If you need help setting up your wallet, please reach out to us on Telegram.

How to Buy Dawn on Uniswap

Once you have your wallet setup, you’ve already done most of the work! Just head over to Uniswap to get started. You can find the link here.

Once the interface loads, you are ready to get started. For this tutorial, we will show you how to buy Dawn using Ethereum using MetaMask; however, you can buy Dawn with a large variety of other Ethereum-based tokens and wallets, so feel free to get creative!

Step 1

Uniswap uses Ethereum by default in the “From” field. This field will designate the token you wish to spend in order to receive Dawn. If you intend to use a different Ethereum token to spend, you can change it at this time. If you intend to use Ethereum, you can continue to the “To” field.

While Dawn is listed on Uniswap, in order to buy or sell Dawn, you will need to enter the contract address. Please note: it is imperative that you enter the correct contract address into Uniswap. There are fake contracts that are designed to steal your Ethereum. Please double check the contract address.

In order to do this, click on the “Select a Token” dropdown menu in the “To” field, and select any “List.”

Pick any list

After you’ve selected a list (it doesn’t matter which one), you will enter the Dawn contract address into the text field.

Dawn Contract Address: 0x580c8520deda0a441522aeae0f9f7a5f29629afa

Once you enter the address, you will see Dawn token populate onto your screen. Add it to Uniswap and then click on our logo to select it for swapping.

Step 2

Once you select Dawn, you will be brought back to the main screen. Now, you will enter the number of Dawn that you wish to buy. The amount of Ethereum will automatically populate for you. Once you have decided on an amount, you are ready to connect your wallet. Proceed by clicking “Connect Wallet.”

Click swap

Step 3

A list of wallets will be provided for you. You are free to choose from your favorite wallets; however, this tutorial will only cover MetaMask. If you are using MetaMask, you will need to unlock your wallet at this time and connect it to Uniswap. If you are using a different Wallet Connect wallet, the process will be very similar, if not identical to this tutorial.

Click next to connect your wallet

Step 4

Please once again confirm the details of the swap. If everything is correct, click on “Confirm Swap” to continue.

This is where the magic begins - Click "Confirm Swap"

After you confirm, Uniswap will begin the transaction. You will have to confirm the transaction and fees in MetaMask, which will automatically populate on your screen. Simply follow the prompts, review the information, and click “Confirm.”

Are you ready? Let's do it! Click "Confirm" to finalize your swap

Step 5

There is no step 5. You did it! That’s the tutorial. Not so bad right? Simply wait for the transaction to complete on the Ethereum blockchain, and your Dawn will automatically be delivered to the same wallet which you spent your Ethereum (in this case, MetaMask). If you are trying to sell your Dawn, you can simply reverse the "To" and "From" fields and complete the swap in reverse.

Great work!

You did it! You can look forward to more tutorials in the future as we continue to build and develop new features on the Dawn and FirstBlood Platforms. Have you joined our Telegram? Be sure to join the conversation at Happy swapping!

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