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Dota 2 Spring Cleaning Update New Features

The Dota 2 development team, Valve just released The Spring Cleaning 2022 and it is full of new quality-of-life enhancements. Let’s dive into some of the big changes - like Muting Controls, Shop Searches, and Demo Hero mode - then dive into expected adjustments to fix a number of gameplay experiences, interactions, and bugs.

Aghanim's Shard & Scepter tooltips

The improved tooltips now display the specific numbers that change when the items are equipped and update the battlefield impact of his magnificent “Shard or the Scepter”. Many updates certainly stand out enough to be noticed to simplify them and more straightforward for our non-magus brains to comprehend.

Muting Feature

Valve believes that it is important to equip players with easy means to mute other players including their own team or enemy team. In addition to that change comes the report system. With only a single push of a button, players can now mute and simultaneously report other players for their behavior. The new updated mute & report framework opens up an opportunity for the game engineer is reexamining how to deal with community reports and aim to acquire better indicators of which players need to take action.

Shop Search

In order to help those players who can’t remember the item and those who are not sure of the attribution of the item, a new shop search feature was presented. The Item Shop Search has been expanded with improved support for keywords such as “Armor”, “Speed” or ”Strength”, etc to highlight the stats. To add to that, players can see the exact numbers of how much the attribute is changing when buying additional items. Holding “Alt” can show you the Mana stats you get from intelligence-based items or Armor stats from agility attributes. All abilities and items that deal physical damage are marked in red, Magical damage in blue and Pure damage in Yellow.

Demo Hero Improvements

This feature received a rework that includes a list of new functionality to ease and improve testing of various spells, combos, and items. New functionalities include:

  • The northern section of the Demo Map has been expanded to provide a more flat area for testing.

  • Ability to easily spawn Allied heroes, in addition to enemies.

  • Ability to reset a hero back to level 1.

  • Ability to remove a hero once you're done testing.

  • Buttons for leveling, adding Scepter, adding Shard, and toggling invulnerability now apply to all currently selected heroes.

  • When toggling creeps off all existing lane creeps will be destroyed.

  • Added a button to spawn a single creep wave from each side.

  • Added buttons to spawn the 6 major runes.

All fixes can be found on the official Valve page

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