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FirstBlood and MakerDAO presents: Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament for Esports Players

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

At FirstBlood, we’ve always been striving to provide the best Esports competitive gaming platform out whether it’s for crypto or non-crypto gamers. That’s why we’ve partnered up with MakerDAO, the original US dollar pegged stable coin for Ethereum blockchain, to make it easy to earn while playing your favorite game.

FirstBlood is running Call of Duty: Warzone battles and tournaments every day for the next two months. Competitions are open for PC, PlayStation and Xbox players. The total prize pool of $10,000 DAI is available for the grabs. There are weekly battles with $2000 in prizes and then daily battles with $100 in prizes.

Bringing cryptocurrency to mainstream

This is one of the steps FirstBlood is taking to bring cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. A lot of FirstBlood users are from developing nations without access to high quality payment services. With MakerDAO DAI, both prize payouts and buy-ins can be faster and more cost efficient for gamers.

With this partnership we aim to give an opportunity for regular gamers to have a taste in winning and owning cryptocurrency, while doing what they love the most — playing favorite games.

How to participate

Now you can tag your quad or duo partners and earn some of the coolest crypto playing Call of Duty: Warzone at FirstBlood. Here is how you can participate in it:

Step 1

Sign Up an account at FirstBlood Platform and connect your COD Account

Step 2

Connect your ETH Wallet via MetaMask.

Step 3

Select the competition you would like to play.

Step 4

Register and Play!

Making Esports and competitive gaming available for everyone

FirstBlood launched Call of Duty: Warzone competitions in early September. Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play title from Activision, available both for PC and consoles. In two months COD: Warzone has quickly risen to be the most popular game on our platform, with 200,000 matches tracked. Warzone is our first title where console gamers, often more casual, can enjoy the same semi-professional excitement as their PC player counterparts have been enjoying for years.

Are you a gamer fanatic — bring friends and earn extra

Like what you are seeing? Do you love Warzone, do you stream or are a gamer influencer? Let your friends who play COD know. FirstBlood offers a referral program where you are rewarded with bonus credits for friends joining through your invite link.

Are you looking to bring your crypto project to mainstream — FirstBlood can help

If you have your own blockchain project and would love to gain more mainstream adoption, please don’t hesitate to reach out. FirstBlood is currently reaching out to companies in the crypto and technology spaces. We would like to work together with you to make cryptocurrency payments easier and well known. Please reach out to our CEO Joe Zhou and let’s discuss.

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