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Rainbow 6 Siege Players' Top Obstruction to Pro

The Rainbow 6 Seige development team constantly updates the status of certain issues that have been obstructing the community. The following will mainly focus on Hack and Cheating. Please note that this information and infographics are not thorough, and should be subject to adjustments and changes. Readers should use these highlights as a reference to an overall thought of where the team‘s concentrate presently is.


The elimination of cheating remains a top priority for the Rainbow 6 Siege team and the method of adding phone verification checks for ranked players is only one of the moves the team is right now making to avoid cheating. In addition to adding phone verification to your rank, the team will keep working on ensuring the restriction of fake data, numbers, and accounts. The Rainbow 6 Siege team goals are to make the process as easy as possible for players while enforcing the protection of the system, especially in terms of abuse or misuse of hacks and cheating software.

On average, the dev team banned north of 10,000 cheaters each month, bringing the number of over 100,000 cheaters since January 2021 (source: Ubisoft). The amount of banned members is only one indicator of the actual data, but it gives us a good idea of how hard the team is working on providing a smoother gaming experience.

The team constantly runs AI verification systems to check for new cheats and devotes additional time and energy into combating threats towards the game - working with others in the space to grow our insight into arising cheats so we can manage them before they ever appear in-game. Since the last Anti-cheat tool was updated, the team was able to address some system flaws and put an end to some of the cheats including instant killing an entire lobby, drone cashing matches, and hyper melee damage., drone cashing matches & causing melee damage. This achievement can only be possible with players’ reports so feel free to report any strange behavior you encounter in-game.


The Rainbow 6 Seige team realized how important these measurements are to their players, and although you and they know it is impossible to curb cheating, the more work that gets put into destroying and eliminating cheat, the less cheating will happen. It's absolutely impossible to stop cheating altogether, yet the quicker we act, the more games we save, the less active cheaters are. There has been a number of teams working together on these tasks to improve game time and punishment. The team expects to deliver a few distinct drives and updates throughout the span of the following year and keeping in mind that they can't share more about the vast majority of these at this moment, the one thing they can discuss is the work being done to add confirmation for players hoping to enter the rank mode. They anticipate that this should assist with the reemergence of cheaters into the game and is relied upon to assist with controlling the issue of smurfing.


The more certain the Seige team is towards the data, the easier they can release data on the sanctions, automatically. Also, eventually, this implies cheaters get managed more proficiently and spend less. They intend to begin automatic sanctions during the following season! While they cannot share what they are presently working on, as it would tip off cheat developers, they intend to share a report on social media once the system effectively working in-game. A hint for players is that they can be rewarded from the Bug Bounty Program, which compensates those who report security exploits and vulnerabilities.


Players can join hands and assist the team by reporting cheaters in-game. It is considered the best and easiest way to help the dev team spot cheaters. Also, players are encouraged to know another method of reporting cheaters like providing high-quality video or photos of the incident (Match Replay can act as a tool to differentiate pro players from cheaters). User ID (or Username), match ID, and date & time of the incident can become very handy to provide.

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