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Ubisoft bringing NFTs to Rainbow Six Seige, For Honor and Brawlhalla.

On 2 February 2022, Ubisoft sent a public statement out to the media uncovering that another Esports and Competitive Gaming division had been structured inside the organization. It binds together the different inside groups dealing with esports all through Ubisoft into one worldwide, bound together group.

The Esports and Competitive Gaming division's mission is to "pursue one common objective, forming the future of esports and competitive gaming at Ubisoft." Ubisoft additionally hailed 5 points of support the new division will be committed to.

  • Building flourishing and comprehensive competitive ecosystems for Ubisoft's arrangement of competitive games.

  • Making a long-term arrangement with exercises, competitions, and associations adjusted to all and make way from beginner to proficient play.

  • Giving better amusement worth and administration than Ubisoft's crowd.

  • Executing, in a joint effort with accomplices and associations, sound and economical esports plans of action and income streams.

  • Utilizing new open doors by going with from the beginning Ubisoft's turn of events and publication groups across Ubisoft's overall organization of advancement studios to work together on serious games' vision, features, also revenue-sharing in-game items strategies.

The official statement name drops Rainbow Six Seige, Brawlhalla, For Honor, and Trackmania various times. Nonetheless, it's significant that you realize that these games aren't unequivocally connected to NFTs in the public statement. The public statement apparently affirms an arrangement to use NFTs without venturing to affirm what explicit games they'll link to.

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